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criteria of a currency manipulator, because there is no sign China tried to expand its current account ▓surplus through currency manipulation and the country's ▓foreign exchange reserves have been stable▓ for the

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past two years.The Treasury's reversal yesterday is arbitrary, just as the U.S. imposition of new tariffs against China was last week, said the scholar.Similarly, investment strat▓egists wit

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h the Swiss investment bank UBS also cautioned in a research report on Tuesday against framing the depreciation of the CNY as the start of a competiti▓ve devaluation, as the yuan's fall reflected "worsenin

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g economic fundamentals and rising trade tariff risks."They also mentioned that Chinese policymakers appeared "wary of unhinging expectations for yuan stability," because Beijing "is well aware of the ne▓gative costs linked to currency depreciation, from capital markets to capital outflows.▓""We would view Monday's moves as a reminder that the ▓yuan exchange rate may reflect external headwinds, rather th▓an the start of a competitive devaluation policy," they said.The People's Bank of China (PB▓OC), or China's central bank, said Tuesday t▓hat China will not use the currency as a tool to deal with trade disputes and the U.S. label ▓does not meet the quantitative criter▓ia for the so-called "currency manipulator" se▓t by the U.S. Treasury."Though the U.S▓. has continued to escalate the trade dispute since early 2018, China has kept its promise of not carr▓ying out competitive devaluation. China has never used and will not use the RMB exchange rate as a tool▓ to deal with the trade frictions," the PBOC▓ said in an online statement.Although the CNY would be u▓nder downward pressure in the short term because of the ongoing trade war, it still has some space to fluctuate, Tim Fang, head of global markets of Hong Kong-based investment bank AMTD International, told Xinhua on Monday."I▓ believe in PBOC's capability (in keeping the yuan stable▓). I'm not very concerned," he said.RISING TRADE WAR TO HAMPER GROWTH POTENTIALThe c

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urrent developments over tariffs and currency would "present a significant headwind for global growth, corporate profits, and markets," said UBS strategists.The "unexpected" U.S. labeling has caught globa

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l financial markets off guard, fueli▓ng market panic over a long-term U.S.-China trade dispute, Fang said."It is irresponsible of the U.S. administration to designate China as a▓ cur

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for the U.S. administrat▓ ion "to invo ke other trade l aws, bu▓t the y would also be ge nerally symbolic w ith few sign▓ifican t ramifications, " said the Bof A Merrill Lync h Global Research report.That's beca use the IMF es timated that the Chine se currency was approp ri▓ately valued r elative to fun damental▓s, while the U .S. dollar was 6-12 梁河县5G 长阳土家族自治县wap 巫山县wap 内江市5G 雷山县wap 邢台市wap 宁海县5G 盂县wap 东平县wap 彭州市5G 成武县5G 连江县5G 壤塘县wap 陆河县5G 灵璧县5G 辽宁wap 安庆市5G 井陉县5G 乐昌市5G 博野县5G 手游单职业传奇私服发布网 新开复古传奇私服网站 热血传奇私服中变 传奇私服脱机脚本教程 热血传奇私服新服网 复古热血传奇私服 传奇私服合击外挂 有没有长久传奇私服 今日新开迷失传奇私服 传奇私服微端下载